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LED Upgrade Special
All New Jersey Businesses and Property Management Companies...
Ready to Switch Over to LED? - Like to Have Help from Rebates?

Let the BPU & New Jersey's Clean Energy Program Help You Pay for This!

Better Light with Less Electric Usage Means $$$'$ in Your Pocket!

104Watt LED vs 400Watt Metal Halide

100,000 Hours vs 18,000 Hours

Reduce the Lighting Cost on Your Incessant Electric Bill by 75%
NO Ballast - NO Bulb Maintenance for 34 Years (Avg 8hrs/night)

The $ooner You Call, the $ooner You $tart $aving!

Call Globus Electric NOW to $tart $aving Your Money Today!


(Mention Al sent you and receive a 5% discount!)

Can you afford to wait? Click Here or Call us now. 973-923-0400.

Green energy today,

newark nj, hillside nj, elizabeth nj, jersey city nj

for a blue sky tomorrow!

For a quick review chart of the requirements and incentives, click here.

A Friendly Reminder From Globus Electric Inc. Preventative Maintenance will catch your problems before they cost you time.

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