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To know what you want, we listen to you. We believe the best electrical solutions are part intelligence and part inspiration. We understand that our responsibility does not end with providing only what you ask. At Globus Electric, our job is not complete until we fully explore how our experience and insight can help to design efficient electrical systems to align with your budget, timeframe, and long range planning.


Creating new electrical solutions is stimulating work, and when new technology becomes obsolescent in a matter of months, thinking "beyond the disconnect" is imperative. With the agility, technical expertise, and perseverance to master the most complex electrical installations, we consistently prove our mettle by developing resourceful solutions for extraordinary challenges.


With over sixty-five years of groundwork delivering superior, affordable, and reliable electrical installations, Globus Electric combines real world experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with your greatest return on capital investment.


We understand that successful electrical solutions demand intelligent applications grounded in practical, proven business processes.


We greatly appreciate every opportunity to help you exceed your desired goals for new installations, repairs, and maintenance.


All conduit, wire, and devices are created alike; the difference is us.


Ask us about our 7-year warranty. We’re proud of it. You’ll appreciate it.


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