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If your building looks like the one above when everyone goes home, you should get in touch with Globus Electric to share the details of its LED specials. Your lights will be brighter and your savings will be substantial. Your greatest energy glutton in today's commercial/industrial buildings is the commercial LIGHTING! Not even heating or cooling comes close! For this reason alone, a commercial / industrial buildings greatest source of energy savings just happens to be, its' commercial LIGHTING! 

Your commercial lighting upgrade will:

  • Lighten your energy bills

  • Brighten your initial cost with rebates, tax breaks, and more

With the technology used in current lamps and ballasts cutting your energy costs by 30% to 60%, and all but guaranteeing a rapid payback, you have every reason to upgrade today! 

Typical replacement incentives include:

  • Replacing your 1000 watt fixtures with a T5 fixture will reduce energy consumption by about 600 watts per fixture, and the utility company will give you $200.00, per fixture, to do it

  • Your 400 watt fixtures will earn you a $100.00 rebate

  • Change T12 to T5, Replace 34 watt lamps with 28 watt lamps, usually with out changing ballasts or sockets, $25 per fixture replaced or $10 per 1-4 lamp fixture retro-fitted

  • Energy saving motion sensors to turn your lights off when those areas are not being used

For a quick review chart of the requirements and incentives, click here.

Qualifying for incentives requires some real effort, because many programs knit an unwieldy netting of regulations and protocols. Additionally, the installation may require substantial upgrades in hardware and software to either harvest sunlight or reduce consumption during peak periods. However, the budding savings are too great to ignore. Payback is generally within a year or two and the rest is gravy. 

A site guide to the state and utility sponsored incentives is, which has a state-by-state list of programs, including programs that also provide financing with grants and loans. 

Uncle Sam, under the provisions of the Commercial Building Deduction, allows deductions of $1.80 per square foot for offices, schools, warehouses, retail establishments, and government buildings if your upgrade reduces energy and power consumption by 50%, and follows the provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.


For commercial lighting upgrades that employ dual switching and reduce your power consumption by at least 25%, you can earn a partial deduction of $0.30 per square foot. With the dual switching and a 40% reduction, your allowance climbs to $0.60 per square foot.

Here's a quick reference of the benefits you will begin to experience by converting to LED lighting:

  • You will use up to 70% less energy for your lighting and get an equal amount of light or more

  • $16 to $200 rebate, per fixture from your power company for each HID fixture replaced

  • Unlike HID fixtures, fluorescents are instant on, no warm-up time after shut down or at start up

  • Longer life on lamps and ballasts, plus a much lower cost for lamp and ballast replacement

  • Incentives for your motion sensors also

  • Very fast return on investment

Click below to view a complete listing of incentives and savings, the contact Globus Electric today to start saving your money, your energy, and to receive substantial incentive checks.

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