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Maintaining a lighting system on a 'per call' basis can be very costly and tremendously inefficient.  A strong lighting maintenance program will provide your company with a more cost effective way to manage your lighting system while gaining optimum brightness and energy efficiency.

As lamps age and fixtures get dirty, the quality and quantity of light emitted is drastically reduced, while your energy bills continue to rise.  A lighting maintenance program that includes periodic lighting patrols and group fixture washing & re-lamping promises to keep your lighting system in tip-top shape while reducing your energy and basic maintenance costs.

Lighting is a must for any business. It is the goal of Globus Electric to make this portion of your business as stress free as possible.  Please contact us for more details on how we can improve your lighting maintenance program.


  • A Guaranteed Reduction in Your Electric Utility Bill

  • A Dramatic Increase in Your Existing Light Output and Brightness

  • Cleaner, More Aesthetic Looking and Increased Color Rendering

  • Highest Quality Lamps and Ballasts

  • Utility Rebates & Tax Deductions;

  • Government Mandated Recycling Services

  • 5-Year Lighting Products and Service Warranty

  • Aerial Equipment Available

  • We Specialize in Site, Parking Lot, and Recreational Facilities


Globus Electric installs high technology lighting systems and provides guaranteed maintenance for up to five years. Contact us today for a FREE lighting audit!

  • How can you give me a lighting appearance that’s twice as bright, cleaner looking, with better color rendering?"
    By selecting the best products that are available on the market with today’s technology – we can install lighting that produces twice the light output, while producing a color that is whiter, cleaner, brings out colors better, and lasts twice as long.
  • How can you lower my electric bill while increasing light output?
    By selecting the best technology driven products available today – they produce better light, have greater lumen output, and use 30% - 50% less energy.
  • How do we know our light levels will double?
    We use digital light level meters, and of course, seeing is believing. . .you’ll see the difference immediately.
  • How can you be sure there'll be savings?
    We do a thorough lighting audit of your facility. We determine what your current lighting system costs you per month, and we determine what the system we'll be replacing it with costs per month. We basically subtract the difference and that's your savings.
  • What kind of warranty, and/or service, do I get on the lighting products?"
    The manufacturer gives a 1-year replacement warranty, and Globus gives you a full 12-month service warranty. Meaning if a light goes out – we're there within three days to replace it at no charge to you – guaranteed. These new products last twice as long as other products.
  • How can you lower my risk of insurance and workman's comp claims, or OSHA violations?"
    Lighting maintenance duties as simple as changing a light bulb or fluorescent lamp are dangerous when working on a ladder is required. Outsourcing your lighting maintenance to a company that specializes in this area is one way to minimize your exposure to ladder accident dangers. For details see our FYI on "Ladder Accidents and Lighting Maintenance."
  • How do you provide more security for parking lots?
    Lighting is universally considered to be the most important security feature in a parking facility. Good lighting deters crime and produces a more secure atmosphere. For details see our FYI on "Parking Lot Lighting Reduces Parking Lot Crime Risk."
  • How will I benefit from selecting Globus Electric to perform my lighting retrofits and maintenance services?
    Our lighting management program can make your life easier. Benefits include: • Better employee productivity due to the improved appearance, comfort and safety of your facility. • Greater customer appeal of a facility with enhanced appearance, comfort and safety. • Elimination of demands on staff time to perform maintenance. • Less risk of insurance and workman’s comp claims or OSHA violations from employees performing maintenance duties. • No space requirements for lighting equipment inventory. • Freedom from worry about possible fines for improper disposal of old equipment. • Reduced maintenance costs. • Lower utility energy costs from the installation of more efficient lighting products.
  • What is included in Globus Electric's lighting retrofit and maintenance programs?
    We include all of the following: • Analysis of your existing lighting system equipment and maintenance procedures by our lighting professionals. • Design and installation of advanced lighting equipment to consistently provide optimal light levels and maximize energy efficiency. • Ongoing maintenance, with service level choices designed to match your needs. • Disposal and recycling of old lighting equipment in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. For details specific to your business, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.
  • I replace lamps as they burn out, does this save me money?"
    There are two ways to handle lighting maintenance. Spot Method- which is what you are asking about, and Group Method- where all lamps are changed at the same time. The rated life of lamps is an average. Let's say 10,000 lamps are used to gage when all lamps burn out. When half the lamps burn out, this time frame is considered the average life span for all lamps in the study. Therefore, when your lamps start to burn out, you can consider this the start of a cycle which may last for a period of time. You can start to re-lamp at this time, but then you get caught in two cycles of rated life. You lose track of the number in each cycle and you end up paying more. More for the lamps and more for the labor. In addition, when lamps reach a midpoint in their life, it costs more in energy trying to produce the same amount of light. In addition, the ballast uses more energy and is prone to over-heating and burning out. To realize the greatest ROI of lighting dollars, consider Group Re-lamping. You get quantity discounts, save on labor costs, and keep light levels more balanced.


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