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With the use of an Infrared Heat Tracer and its laser beam sight, you get pin point accuracy for all your problems within your electrical systems. The laser beam is aimed at fuses and fuse clips, breakers and panels, buss plugs, buss ducts, motors, switches, fixtures, transformers, and more. The heat tracer's microprocessor calculates the 'actual surface temperature', providing an LCD display that is a true indication of the integrity of your equipment or assembly.

At the completion of your scan, Globus Electric provides documented findings and a written report that includes recommendations for the necessary repairs and preventative maintenance.


Infrared thermo-graphic scanning is the process of finding your electrical faults before they cause you problems and cost you enormous amounts of time and money. A scan is performed, while your equipment is running, without disturbing your operations. Today’s facilities engineers are saving millions of dollars every year with infrared scanning surveys. An infrared electrical scan will substantially improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing, and maintenance costs by:

  • Quickly Pinpointing Problem Hot Spots

  • Reducing Downtime and Equipment Damage

  • Preventing Catastrophic Failures

  • Substantially Reducing Spontaneous Outages and Losses

  • Reducing Electrical Energy Costs by Increasing Energy Efficiency

  • Establishing Repair Priorities

  • Proactive, Predictive Approach – Avoiding Unscheduled Maintenance

  • Testing Under Load - Avoiding Costly Shutdowns

In electrical systems, excessive heat is a sign of impending trouble. High temperatures indicate excessive electrical resistance, overloaded circuits, loose connections, failing components, ground faults, short circuits, or other common problems in electric equipment that will lead to expensive, and quite often, catastrophic failures. Trying to find these developing failures with visual and manual inspections is a costly, time-consuming process that may not locate the primary problems. 

The scanner measures the thermal output of your electrical devices and wiring. By determining which wire, fuse, circuit breaker, disconnect switch, panel, motor, or connection is hot, through the use of Infrared Thermo-Graphic Scanning, your problems are discovered before they cause a piece of your electrical equipment to fail.






It may be as easy as tightening a screw to prevent your motors from burning out.


We would like to perform the Thermo-graphic Infrared Scan for you, making minor repairs as we go along, and furnish a written report of the results upon completion.

When was the last time you spent less than $650.00 to save more than $10,000.00? Call, 973.923.0400, or click Globus Electric Inc. for more information and to schedule a no obligation meeting, now.

The breakers look fine to the naked eye. The Infrared Scan shows potential problems. Hot spots like the ones in these photos are cause for great concern.

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