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You can't Plan on the Effects of a Power Failure
But You can Certainly Prepare for Them.
For those who need more than just a backup plan!

Equipment malfunction is a costly and frustrating experience and happens when you least expect it. Lost time and life safety are just two of the many unforeseen costs associated with machinery breakdown. Incomparable emergency response service is what you should look for in your electrical contractor.


Our 69 Years of Uninterrupted 24 Hr / 7 Day Emergency Services Include: 

  • Immediate Emergency Response;

  • We're There in One Hour - At Any Hour - Guaranteed;

  • 100% Fully-equipped Service Vans;

  • 24/7 Hour Access to All Major Suppliers;

  • Globus Owned Aerial Equipment Available;

  • State-of-the-Art Circuit Tracing Equipment;

  • Infra-red Laser Scanning Equipment;

  • Power Monitoring Equipment;

  • All Areas of Industrial and Commercial Trouble-shooting and Maintenance;

  • Temporary Emergency Power Generators for Life Safety Facilities and Production Lines.





Globus Electric Inc. believes that ethical conduct includes providing full value for your electrical construction dollar. Consequently, you get a warranty of your electrical installation for a period of one year, in writing, from the date you accept your electrical installation and or the electrical services provided.

If you aren’t doing business with us, you’re costing both of us money.

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