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Our exceptional reputation has been earned by consistently providing complete customer satisfaction. This, coupled with attention to detail and an unequaled performance record, is the cornerstone of the Globus Electric Inc. past, present, and future success; and your best reasons to call Globus Electric Inc. first with all your electrical questions.

You get performance that fully meets and exceeds every recognized standard for safe, neat, and workmanlike electrical contracting. You get satisfaction in every phase of your electrical installation. The most important lesson we've learned after over 73 years, is that your satisfaction is the key to continuing success.


To call Globus Electric the next time you need a Commercial, Industrial or Institutional Electrician. You get more than just pipe and wire.


So whatever your electrical needs are, we have the experience.


We will respond quickly to survey your job, then get back to you just as quickly with a competitive free estimate.


We'll do whatever has to be done until your problem is solved.

24/7/365 SERVICE

You can depend upon us to respond quickly - any time, on time.


Your job is done correctly the first time, every time.


One hour response time, every time.


Our prices won't shock you.


We show up when promised, stay until done, and furnish a written guarantee upon completion.


Many years of experience and schooling.


Whether it's high, buried, or on a pole, we own the equipment to get to your problem.
We stock obsolete and hard to find circuit breakers!



You May Take It For Granted.... Until.....

 The electrical system in your business performs miracles everyday. You probably never think about it when you flip a switch or plug into a receptacle. You take for granted that your power system will always be working properly. Until one day, it doesn't! That's when you need the expertise of your Globus Team. There are many electrical companies you can call. However, you get our experience and a commitment to provide you the best service, and this results in better value for you. Whether your needs are a simple connection or a complex power system requirement, your Globus team of experienced, knowledgeable, and available electricians has the solutions. Plus, behind our technicians is a team of advisors, supervisors and specialists. There are always several ways to address your situation - your Globus team will find the best one for you at the best value.

Can Happen Anytime...Will You Be Ready?

 It can be as traumatic as a natural disaster, as random as a thunderstorm, or as astounding as a power company failure. Power emergencies will take many forms and affect your business in different ways. Your Globus Team will show you how to rise above sudden power failures. Your greatest benefit is a rapid response with every service call. Globus electricians are on call around the clock to respond whenever your business is in peril. Your Globus Team arrives at your site ready to fix your problems!

Need Service? Call Globus Electric!

You will be asked a series of questions to learn everything possible about your individual situation. This level of preparation results in the ability to arrive at your site ready to tackle your problem in the smallest amount of time. Every Globus truck is well stocked with the parts and supplies needed to handle every type of service call. In the event your problem needs something extraordinary, we have 24 hour/ 7 day access to every major supplier. Today's equipment and technology depend upon the cleanest possible power sources. Many are sensitive enough to require dedicated circuits. We take pride in responding rapidly, working quickly, being thorough, and leaving you satisfied. Electrical problems are often caused by power supplies that aren't "clean" or those that are overloaded. Globus Electric will audit your power system requirements and show you the best way to keep your business operating. You also have various choices of preventative maintenance programs to help discover problems before they occur. In power emergencies, Globus Emergency Power Service will get you up and running quickly.

Lighting - It's a Long Way From Candles...

 Lighting technology has changed as rapidly as computer technology. In just the past few years, lighting technology has evolved with different types of energy efficient bulbs and fixtures, advanced switching techniques, and much more. Your Globus Team has the experience and expertise to find you the right lighting solutions for your workplace.

 Whether you're lighting for a corner workspace or a distribution center the size of a hangar, a single entrance or a parking garage, you get the knowledge and equipment to save energy while providing better working light. With new installations or retrofits, from fluorescent to metal halide to LED, tell us your needs and priorities and Globus will design a system to light up your life, within your budget. As your single lighting resource, your Globus Team will provide additional value to you after the installation. Lighting Maintenance and Recycling programs are the best way to keep your safety, productivity, and curb appeal at their peak.

Emergency Power Services

 The greatest benefit Globus Electric can offer you is planning and maintenance before an emergency occurs. Your Globus team will survey your present emergency power plan and equipment to determine your readiness. This includes analyzing your power load, checking your generator, power transfer switch, or temporary generator connections.

 If you presently have no back-up, we will assess your requirements and offer you choices for affordable, budget-able emergency systems. Then, working with your input, an emergency plan and steps to follow in the event of a power failure will be developed. Globus Site Surveys and Preventative Maintenance Programs enable you to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Our rapid response time is guaranteed and you get the advantage of being back in business quickly.

Which Industrial, Commercial, or Institutional Service Do You Need Help With Today?

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