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Build with an added level of protection. Emergency Standby Power Systems must be Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-effective to work efficiently for extended Periods.

Disaster Preparedness has been forced into our everyday lexicon. Within almost every market, businesses are being asked to provide emergency services during the course of disaster situations. 

Meeting the demand to "defend-in-place" necessitates emergency power systems that are designed to support extremely dependable operations for extended periods. 

Need an emergency back-up system or Uninterruptible Power Source? Call Globus Electric NOW, 973-923-0400 for all your permanent and temporary emergency stand-by and back-up power requirements. 




When thinking of businesses that will require emergency back-up power, think of:

  • Your Business - and Your Production Line

  • Life Safety - Hospitals, Surgical-care Centers

  • Security - Police, National Guard

  • Data - Data Storage Centers, Your Computer Systems

To have the highest reliability in your design, you should be using redundant generator configurations. Here are the some basic configuration choices. 

Single unit installations:

  • Are the easiest and simplest

  • Meet intended design

  • Have no redundancy

  • Have limited reliability

  • Have potential failure modes

To improve reliability, there are redundant systems that you may choose from. The most basic redundant configuration is two large capacity units:

  • Each has enough power to carry the total necessary load

  • Used primarily in the data markets

  • Provides simple topology

  • Matches dual-feed power distribution seen in data centers

This might also used for small hospital applications

Each unit has allocated:

  • Life safety

  • Critical

  • Essential equipment

  • Non-essential equipment

  • Circuits backed up

The advantage is that the hospital will still have limited ability to operate with a generator failure. The disadvantage is that half the emergency and essential circuits will experience outages during a failure. 

Your best option creates high-reliability back-up design by utilizing paralleled generation. Multiple generators are connected in parallel producing the greatest level of redundancy, while conserving capital, and supporting scalability. 

Each generator comes on-line in succession in relation to your facility's load demand. Your benefits are:

  • Lower cost of operation based on demand

  • Reduced space requirements over very large single and double unit installations

  • Increased reliability

  • Increased scalability

  • Cost effectiveness

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